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Day wise Itinerary

Reach Bhadrak station in the morning and then start your onward journey to Bhitarkanika Kassturi Kon ghat by non AC coach. From Kasturi Kon cross the river by country boat and check into resort/hotel at around Complete your lunch. Spend evening on the Bank of River Bramhani or visit nearby village. After dinner have a good night sleep.

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After breakfast reach Nalitapatia ghat to board on boat for Mangrove Forest Safari. Enjoy serpentine creeks, watch out for birds, particularly different varieties of Kingfishers, egrets, Bramhani Kites, eagles etc. Get down at Bagagahan Bird Sanctuary. Climb the watch Tower. Look for pelicans and different types of storks. Visit Bhitarkanika forest block. Check out old temple, Lotus pond, Hunting Tower of yesteryear rulers. Climb the watch tower. You might see wild boar, jungle cat, spotted deer and birds also. After that visit Dangmal Crocodile Breeding and Research center. Look for different crocodiles kept there. Visit Interpretation cum Museum also. Return back to Resort/Hotel. Have your lunch. Spend evening on the Bank of River Bramhani. After dinner have a good night sleep.


Start Early morning for Pentha Beach, Resort/Hotel. Pentha is not only a virgin & beautiful beach, it is also a part of Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary. Reach at Beach around. Trek along the beach. You might spot Olive Ridley turtle on beach (if you come in between End of December to March) as well as birds. Return at Resort/Hotel. Complete your breakfast and check out from resort/hotel. Cross the river by country boat towards Kasturi Kon ghat. Transfer to Bhadrak railway station by Non AC coach. Catch Dhauli Express for Howrah. Tour ends.


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