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Travel 2 expert is very sensitive about the online data security of its users and thus never try to misuse such information of its users. It maintains and comply with all the rules that falls under privacy policy and never tends to breach any of them to secure the personal data of users. Users’ personal information like IP address, email address along with contact details and location of access automatically gets saved on our platform when they visit our site. For the sake of getting desirable deals for travelers and travel agents we do share this information to only genuine hands like travel companies, agents and such other organizations. We never dare to violate the privacy policy norms of General Anti data avoidance rules that is GAAR. So you can completely feel safe while visiting our site Travel 2 expert.

What data we collect from our site visitors

As mentioned above we only collect very basic information of our visitors to the site which includes their contact details including email Id, location, and IP address mainly. Also the device they are using so that travel agents can find it easy to connect with interested travelers to fetch handsome deals easily.

How travel 2 expert ensure best privacy policy to visitors

Travel 2 expert is the best platform indeed in terms of security for its site visitors. This is because of the exchange of data in encrypted mode only. Nobody can decode our encryption that easily and that is how we secure our users from any data theft. We never let the trust of our visitors down when they share their personal data like email address, phone number and other such details to us.  

We never misuse personal details of traveler and travel agents

Travel 2 expert is very particular about the privacy policy and abiding by the rules of GAAR. That is why only basic details of traveler’s and travel agents is shared to each other by us. We never tend to share any other personal detail of them with a vision of misusing it.

We don’t take responsibility of data you deliberately share on our site

In case you leave sensitive details of your card, name, phone number on our site which is open to all visitors of the site we do not take responsibility of that data. Travelers often share their personal information while giving feedback on our site and we do not give privacy to that data.

Travel 2 expert not liable for data you share on other sites

We have mentioned different sites of travel agents on Travel 2 expert platform. If you are visiting these sites and sharing your personal data there we do not take the responsibility of protecting that data from getting misused. So visitors must be aware of this and share their sensitive data at genuine platforms only with their own responsibility.

Your payment cards details are not stored by Travel 2 expert

In the world of internet and online payment modes like credit card, debit card payments and UPI payments people often feels insecure to share the details of their payment cards due to security risks. But we never save your card details and you can easily make online payment without any risk.

Our privacy policy is not static

 In order to enhance the best data security experience for our visitors we keep on changing the privacy policy of our site. So it is the responsibility of the visitor to stay update with the new privacy policy time to time. No intimation will be sent to users regarding this sudden change in the privacy policy.

Travel 2 expert adopt zero refund policy

If you are choosing to opt our services as travel agent or any other entity and make payment for the same, it cannot be cancelled at any time. Payment once made will never be refunded back to the user in any scenario owing to zero refund policy.

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Terms and conditions

The Travel to expert is constantly putting endeavors to provide best services to travel agents and tourists for getting their needs fulfilled at one place. Established in August 2023 Travel 2 expert is located in A-103 Ganesh Nagar, Second floor Near Tilak Nagar Metro station, New Delhi-110018. The prestigious and renowned platform of travel 2 expert hope both travel agents and tourists to be mindful about the genuine terms and conditions of the platform to make the experience smooth for everyone. Every user is bound to these terms and services while using the platform of Travel 2 expert. In addition changes made to these terms and conditions irrespective of time solemnly falls under the right of the travel 2 expert which is not likely to be notified to the users. Showing your presence to the platform and using its services automatically confirms that you are complying with the terms and conditions of Travel 2 expert. Have a sight on the terms and conditions of Travel 2 expert platform below.

Travel 2 expert only mediator between tourist and travel agents

This is worth noticing that we are just serving as mediator link between travel agents and tourists to make their journey easy in both ways. The time travel agents and tourists connect to each other on our platform our journey with them finish at that step only. Travel 2 expert refrain from any responsibility regarding the travel agents, their packages and service quality at the same time do not take responsibility of lead conversion for travel agents as well. We try to put genuine travel agents and hotels on our platform but do not take any responsibility of them. So before you head towards choosing them by sifting the best travel packages and agents make sure that you are picking up the genuine one.

Not liable for breach in contract made between travel agent and tourist

Like aforesaid Travel 2 expert is a mediator so it is not liable for any breach in contract between travel agent and tourist. We are not aware of any such contract details regarding services of the agent and tourists and thus do not take the responsibility also. It is totally the responsibility of the tourists to clear all their doubts and queries before switching to a travel agent for availing a package. At the same time travel agent are responsible for making all their terms clear to the tourists regarding payment, last minute cancellation etc. Travel 2 expert will not show any responsibility regarding this issue to the tourists and vice-versa. Only users of the site will be responsible for any disputes that arise between tourists and travel agents.

We don’t take responsibility for money disputes of tourists and travel agents

If you are paying money to travel agents and they show up their back while providing services as per the promise it is not our responsibility. At the same time if traveler asking for refund for the last time cancellation of the booking we are also not responsible in that scenario too. Travel 2 expert will not refund any such amount to the tourists in case services are not availed by the tourists for money paid. We try to validate only authentic travel agents on our platform of Travel 2 expert but at the same time do not guarantee for them.

We only accept payments from users made to Travel 2 expert

Sometimes users are confused and make payments to other anonymous accounts other than Travel 2 expert. We will not entertain any such payment made by the user for availing our services. We do not run multiple companies and websites for receiving the payment and it must be done to Travel 2 expert only. So if you are paying for getting the subscription for the services of Travel 2 expert make sure to pay only to Travel 2 expert and not any other party.

Travel 2 expert authorized nobody to breach website copyrights

There are preserved copyrights of the site and it must not be breached at any conditions. For example mentioning the site link anywhere online, posting content on the site without prior consent from the authorities and such other rights including sharing the content of the site to other platforms. All these rights are reserved in copyright to Travel 2 expert only. It is the duty of the users to maintain the dignity of the platform and its copyrights by not breaching any policy of the site.

No user will be spared for misuse of Travel 2 expert logo

Our logo is of utmost significance to us and we do not allow any misuse of the logo by the users for ill reasons. Any user of Travel 2 expert if found using the logo of the site with wring will shall be suspended from using the services from that very moment. Logo plays a crucial role in any business and that is why Travel 2 expert is very much serious about any misuse of its company logo.

User content validation time is included in subscription period

It takes time for the validation of the content for the new users switching to the platform of Travel 2 expert. This time period will be counted in the subscription duration and renewal of the subscription is necessary after one year of duration since when the subscription is taken. No user will be entertained seeking for the extension of subscription to cover the validation time period. So make it very clear in your mind before you wish to opt for the Travel 2 expert services by taking the subscription.

Travel 2 expert does not promote sites mentioned on the platform

It is great to notice that travel 2 expert platform is not promoting the links and site that are mentioned on its platform. They are just for the sake of making the tourists and users to grab more opportunities and choices for availing the services. Apart from that no other motif of placing them on the platform as we do not promote any third party site on our platform.

 Avoid these steps to save your subscription with Travel 2 expert

  1. Do not breach the terms and conditions of Travel 2 expert.
  2. Avoid using irrational content and only post genuine and authentic content.
  3. Do not harm the reputation of Travel 2 expert in any way.
  4. Renew your subscription on perfect time to avoid the termination of your subscription from Travel 2 expert.

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